From Dawn To Fall: Music is too diverse and multifaceted to concentrate on a genre only.

To finish with the Vans Warped Tour honouring interviews, I’m leaving you guys with this one, so you can get to know a pretty awesome band From Dawn To Fall. We talked about inspiration, writing blocks, touring and of course the boring part about the band biography.

Can we start with the most boring question ever? Can you tell me something more about the band? Who are your biggest influences, what genre of music do you actually play etc.?

We are a 5-piece rock band from beautiful Vienna, Austria. We have been playing together for almost 7 years and never changed our line-up. We just love to make music and to be on the road together. From the very beginning of the band we knew that we won´t stick to any genres or musical styles, which is also manifested in our band name FROM DAWN TO FALL. Music is too diverse and multifaceted to concentrate on a genre only. We always try to constantly develop ourselves as persons, musicians and also as a band, which is another reason why we vary our musical style from record to record.

But being on the road together is probably the most beautiful thing for us. Playing different countries, cities, venues and meeting all of you guys who share the same love for music as we do, is just more than we could ever ask for. This keeps us together as a band, as a family. We are very thankful for that.

What are the favourite songs on your iPods right now and why?

Currently one of our favourite songs is “Listen For The Rain” from a British band called “In Colour”. It´s the band of our producer Dan Weller, and we just love their unique melancholy musical style. Further, we are also listening a lot to the latest records of Young Guns, The Neighbourhood, Biffy Clyro or Paramore.

If you could choose one band or artist to share the stage with, who would it be and why?

Actually there isn´t this one single artist we wish to share the stage with. We just love to play shows and tour together with other bands. On tour bands usually grow together as a big family and that is probably the best feeling you can have. If we had to choose one single artist it might be Thrice, one of our biggest idols.

Is there any new music in the making? If yes, when will we be able to hear anything new, if not, are there any studio plans being made already or where in the process of making the new album are you?

YES! We just finished the production for our upcoming long player, which will be released early 2014. We almost spent the whole summer in the studio, both in Vienna and also at the Red Bull studios in Copenhagen. It is always good to work in different places to get rid of distraction and daily life routines. On this record we worked together with the amazing (Sir) Dan Weller and his fellow Tim Morris, which was one of the best experiences we ever had. From the very beginning we all shared the same vision and passion for this record and we knew that something special will be the result. We never felt that comfortable before and we can´t wait to get the release started early next year!

The most funny/embarrassing moment on stage?

We once played an outdoors “guerrilla show” during a students snowboard camp directly in the Austrian Alps. We were standing in the snow at minus 15 degrees and we almost couldn’t move our fingers anymore. In the beginning it felt kind of strange and bad, but in the end it was one of the best shows we ever had.

Who in the band is the most likely to pull pranks on others and who is the one that gets pranked most of the time? Can you also tell me something about a specifically funny prank?

Actually, we are not too bad when it comes to pranks (at least that´s what we say in the interviews). We are really close as a band and most of the time we are just making fun of each other.

Some artists get writing inspiration in extremely happy moments, others can only write when extremely devastated. In which group would you place yourself and how do you deal with writer’s blocks?

We use both happy and melancholic moments when writing songs, whereas we actually prefer to work in a good, enthusiastic mood (even when writing melancholic songs). When we have the feeling of having no progress in our song writing, we usually break out of the daily life and shut ourselves in a small hut in the Austrian mountains. That always works.

You’re playing Vans Warped Tour Vienna this weekend. Do you think it will be at least half as good as the American version or even better? Are you excited to play such a well known festival? 

We´re definitely looking forward to play the Vans Warped Tour! When you start a band you always dream of playing shows like that and we are so thankful for having this opportunity. For sure, the European Warped Tour will be different to the original, which doesn´t mean that it will be better or worse. It´s just that the European music market is so different from the US. But we are really happy that the tour is coming back to Europe, as it massively supports the rock scene!

Anything you would like to add?

We haven´t been to Slovenia for a while and we really hope to come back with the new record next year! Thank you very much for the Interview.


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