I would like to welcome you to my blog and give you some advice on how to get around the website.

It’s pretty simple. You can see a few links on the left side of the screen. You will find a lot of nonsense in all of the categories, but let me explain them anyway.

The section Blog consists of all the longer posts over the last few years. Most of them are written in English, but I have cheated a few times and added a few in Slovene.

Poletne bedarije is something I created especially for this summer. This is a series of shorter posts (all of which are in Slovene. Sorry.), where I discuss the issues of having to decide whether you want to take a nap or just have another junk snack. I’m just kidding. They do have a very strong moral weight. But you might have to re-read the second paragraph of this page. (;

/Drobtinice/Crumbs/ is a page, where I’ll try to share the daily moments that seem important to me. Or make me happy, sad, /enter an emotion/. Basically photographs, quotes, words of the day (I love doing this one!), maybe even recipes if I manage to drag myself into the kitchen and actually cook something.

Interviews are well…interviews. Shocking, huh? This part of the blog is meant for the journalistic side of my personality. I may have to warn you that you will find a lot of music stuff in there. And awesome interviews with awesome people, duh.

Short stories are pieces of my early writings, which basically means that they are no good. I just don’t have the heart to get rid of them.

Poetry is a category used only once since the birth of xoxowords, so you can easily skip it.

So yes, a lot of new stuff happening around here. Therefore, please enter your e-mail into the column on the left, so you will get automatic notifications when something new gets published. I will only share the more important posts on social networks, so there is a chance you can miss all the best Crumbs. I promise you, there is no spamming involved here.

(And how to get back to this page in case you get lost? Just click my face on the left. (Haha that sounds so wrong.))

Have fun!

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